DUI/Traffic matters:

Terence represents individuals charged with DUI and other traffic tickets.  Flat fee arrangements and assertive, efficient results will keep his clients road-legal and their records clean at an affordable cost.  This practice area is time-sensitive; if you have a pending situation contact Terence without delay.

Wills and Probates

Terence stays up to date on the latest developments in estate law.  Getting a will in place is easier and less expensive that most people imagine.

And when it comes time to read the will Terence can provide expert guidance and handle all of the arrangements with the probate court.

Residential real estate:

Document negotiations and reviews for pending real estate transactions are usually inexpensive and good peace of mind.  And if you have a real state dispute Terence has a proven track record of resolving disputes without litigating, and getting a winning result if you are forced to go to court.

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